donderdag 3 april 2014

A new tag and want to show it

Finally I did a template that succeeded :-)  I'm so happy,because i still learn this with templates,and love the template,s from Dee,but there are so many temps who are awesome.

For this tag i use an TEMPLATE WILD FLOWER and a scrapkit REVERIE by Dee Mastrangelo, you can find the kit here and Template here

The tube i used is from Very Many, this tube you can find is this store Pics For Design here

I love the work from Dee and love the tubes from PDF .

Thanks for your beautiful art :-)
Hugs Ellie

zaterdag 29 maart 2014

Tag Easter Charm

My new tag Easter Charm.
Scrapkit i used comes from Dee Masterangelo,you can find it here,visit her store for more beautiful kits.
The fairy is artwork from Zindy Nielsen, you can find the tube and more from Zindy here
Hope you like the tag :-)
Grtz Ellie xx

maandag 20 januari 2014

A new taggie

Hello all,wasn't here for a while but i'm back again and make a new taggie.
Using a FTU clusterframe and the tube named Snow_Angel comes from Verymany.
The tube can be found overhere.
Hope you are doing well all ♥ and see yah next time xxx ☺
Lots of love from this part of the screen xxx
Much hugs Ellie xx

dinsdag 24 september 2013

Have a new taggie and use a VeryMany Tube

Hi....I purchased a tube from Verymany!!

Her name is Penny,she's amazing :-)

You can buy this tube at VeryMany store/website

Hope you like this taggie :-)

Thanks for visit my blog xxxx

xXxXx Ellie xXxXx

zondag 15 september 2013

Hi all, here I am again with a new tag.
Made this tag a while back and had forgotten to put it on my blog so here it is.
Autumn is coming so it's getting colder now and a lot of rain so I have more time to psp and make taggies to show on my blog.
Kit-Waiting for Bell from BiBi
Tube-Bell from DannyLee
Both purchased at SATC
Hope you like it...
Much hugs Ellie xxxx

donderdag 4 juli 2013

New TagShowOff....4Th Of July

Happy 4th of July tag......I use a FTU kit from Lacarolita for tis tag.
Take a look at her blog overhere  Lacarolita's Designz.
The tube i use is from Barbara Jensen art.... BARBARAJENSEN and you can ask alsow for a licensie :-)

vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Make 2 taggies from Jenny,s kits

Here i have 2 taggies who i made with 2 FTU kits from Jenny..☺
Have a peep on her blog found here
The first taggie i make from a kit named (Awarenes for McCune-Albright syndrome)
Jenny made tis kit for here niece Julia....♥
The kit you can find here and also some info from Julia about this syndrome.
I want to wish Jenny and her little niece an Family lots of strength♥
This taggie i make with the kit....the tube i use is from Verymany purchased here
For the other tag i use also a FTU kit called (Carla's Purple Passion )you can find it here at Jenny,s blog!!
Here my taggie i make with this kit :-)

Use again a Verymany tube for this taggie ...♥

Purchased here
Thanks Jenny for the awesome kits xxxx ♥